About Me

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I never followed a career path, but a never-ending curiosity around design and tech. To create unique experiences on a screen - that's what motivates me since the beginning in '99, when I built my first website in high school. It's the reason I tought myself coding, it's what inspired me to study art and design. Over the years, I tried to evenly split my attention between design and code - it became my mission to grow in both areas, to understand the unique challenges of each of those fields, and to ultimately become the intermediary between the two worlds.

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  • Keep curious: To deliver state of the art solutions one needs to be evolving constantly. I dedicate a decent amount of time researching and experimenting with new technology.
  • Be a minimalist: Do more, with less, Work smart, not hard, Don't repeat yourself, Form follows function - There are many quotes that circumscribe what I call being a minimalist.
  • Microservice architecture: In a fast-moving environment like the web, big monolithic applications are expensive to setup, hard to maintain and almost impossible to scale. The answer: Smaller encapsulated backend services (SaaS, Lambda) that offer flexible APIs, in combination with independent clients that can be built using JAMStack architecture.
  • Open source: For obvious reasons. For me personally, the strongest argument is the idea of shared knowledge, the ability to learn from others.
  • Accessiblity: Shouldn't be a luxury. The web is a great place - let everyone participate.
  • There is more to life than work.

Technologies and Skills

No, I can't support IE11.* 😂


  • HTML, (S)CSS, JS
  • React, Next.js
  • Vue, Nuxt.js
  • Bootstrap, Bulma
  • Redux, Vuex
* Well, I could - as well as build a website using jQuery, Flash, or <table> layouts. But please, don't ask me to.


  • Illustrator
  • Figma, Sketch
  • Photoshop
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